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Something's In The Air is a pure "Visual Novel" that took over 2 years to make, starting in 2011. Official Beta was released in May 2013, and the Official 1.0 was released in August of 2013.

The script is 71,000 words long which is the typical length of a 350-400 page novel. That's about 3 times as long as Date Ariane. It contains 1,140 pictures which is about the same as Date Ariane (1,169 in the latest Renpy version).

The goal from the beginning was to make an "Americanized" Visual Novel as the vast majority I have seen were closely tied to Japanese culture. Firstly, I used 3D rendered images instead of the typical Manga drawings. I have nothing against Manga, it is that I just have a lot of experience in 3D and so it is my medium of choice. Second, I moved away from the teens in Prep School settings found in most Japanese visual novels, and moved the age of the characters to 19 to 25 and in or just out of College.

The setting is a Saturday during the same month of summer that Date Ariane takes place. All of the stories take place on the same day, and they actually tie together in a complete story.

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